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Sony DSC H7

At the origin

My Kiddo...

Arms wide open..

I don't care.. Even if it's raining.. I should not miss my bath..


Waiting for the school of fish

Sunset @ Quilandy

Sunset @ Kadalundi

Sunset @ Wayanad Hills

Sunset @ Auroville Beach Pondicherry

Greenery @ the shore..

Bakel... "The Great Wall" of Kerala

Spotted on top of Clock tower @ LalBagh

Another day @ jipmer

Miss.B Spotted.. Drinking Coke...

The Clock Tower @ Calicut Medical College

Waiting for their Play Partners @ Bangalore toys

Tamil Nadu.. A festival..

Neem... with medicinal values.. View from Hostel

He was there.. Waving @ my room in JIPMER.

One fine cloudy evening... View from Hostel

It starts when the BIG one stops

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Find the following line in the html code and delete it


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To view hidden folders:
  1. Open the Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities/)
  2. At the command prompt type
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true
  3. Execute the command by pressing 'return' on keyboard.
  4. For the changes to take effect, either log out then log back in again, or relaunch Finder (type 'killall Finder' in Terminal window).

To hide the hidden files again:
  1. Open the Terminal
  2. At the command prompt type
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false
  3. Press return to execute the command.
  4. Log out then back in again, or relaunch Finder

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DNB Final 2011 December Orthopedic Question papers


1. Describe the pathology, clinical features and principles of treatment of a neuropathic joint.

2. Describe the pathophysiology of Polytrauma patient and discuss the principles of Damage Control Orthopedics.

3. Discuss the etiopathology, diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of D.V.T.

4. Describe the pathology, diagnosis and broad principles of management of ankylosing spondylitis.

5. Discuss the pathophysiology and principles of treatment of Heterotopic ossification.

6. Discuss the surgical options in the treatment of mild medial compartment osteoarthrosis of knee in a 40 years old man.

7. a. Autonomic dysreflexia in Spinal Cord lnjury
b. Femoro-acetabular lmpingement Syndrome

8. Describe the pathology of avascular necrosis of femoral head and outline the principles of management in Ficat 3 stage of femoral head in a 30 years old man.

9. a. Pigmented villonodular synovitis
b. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

10. a. Transient migralory osteoporosis
b. Early tendon transfer in Radial Nerve Palsy


1. Define osteomyelitis. Discuss the pathology, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of acute osteomyelitis in a child.

2. List the causes of limp in an 8 years old child. Describe the differentiating features of septic arthritis with transient synovitis.

3. What is Kienbock's disease? Write briefly its etiology, diagnosis, clinical staging and management.

4. Describe "JAIPUR FOOT". Discuss the difference with 'SACH FOOT'& -MADRAS FOOT"?

5. a. SOMI brace
b. lnterferential Therapy (lFT)

6. Define ulnar claw hand. Discuss the tendon transfer for ulnar claw hand following ulnar nerve injury.

7. a. Radial Club Hand
b. Congenital Vertical Talus

8. Describe the flexor zones of hand. Discuss the principles of acute tendon repair (zone-wise).

9. a. Renal Rickets.
b. Salter's Osteotomy

10. a. Strength Duration Curve
b. Congenital Torticollis


1. Classify distal radius fractures. Describe radiological indices of wrist. Discuss the treatment principles of extra-articular distal radius fractures.

2. Classify infected nonunion. Discuss the treatment of infected nonunion of tibia.

3. Discuss the diagnosis and management of Anterior cruciate Ligament (ACL) lnjury.

4. Discuss the differences between :-
a. Machine screw and ASIF screw
b. DCP, LCDCP, Locking plate
c. Static compression and Dynamic compression

5. Classify proximal tibial fractures. Outline the management of type lV, V, and Vl fractures.

6. a. Fracture head of femur
b. Classification of Calcaneal fracture

7. Discuss the management of osteoporotic spinal fractures.

8. Describe the blood supply of talus. classify "Talar neck fractures". Discuss treatment and list complications.

9. Describe the structure of physis. Classify physeal injury. Outline the treatment of physeal injury and enumerate the compiications.

10. Define and classify Montegia fracture dislocation. Discuss the treatment principles of neglected Montegia fracture dislocation in a 10 years old child.


1. Describe the extensor mechanism of knee and the factors that predispose to recurrent dislocation of patella.

2. Draw a cross section of peripheral nerve and label the structures. Describe Sunderland's classification of nerve injury.

3. a. Plaster Cast Syndrome
b. Bone morphogenic protein

4. Describe Stress, Strain, and Young's Modulus of Elasticity in relation to Orthopedic implants.

5. Describe 'free vascularized bone transplant. Discuss the principles of technique and applications in Orthopaedic practice.

6. Discuss the role of parathyroid glands in calcium metabolism.

7. Discuss the principles of application of Functional Cast Bracing in ' the management of diaphyseal fractures of long bones.

8. Discuss ceramics as bearing surface in Total Hip Arthroplasty.

9. a. Biodegradable lmplants
b. Principles and applications of lnterlocking Nailing

10. a. Unicameral Bone Cyst
b. Parosteal Osteosarcoma

Friday, September 25, 2009 (software) (A good site for documentaries) (good for docs as well)

Monday, April 6, 2009

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This time I would like to quote about "Full throttle" the rockband from Calicut Medical College

Band Members
Vocals : Mathew (moosa), Rohan (Chikku), Sajna
Lead Guitar : Bimal (booboo)
Bass Guitar : Sabu (Saab)
Keyboard : Arunlal (Laal)
Drums : Sunil (Vatakara)

Formed in the year 1998, we were one among the best college rockbands in kerala at our time. Being medical students at that time, we had a tough time to find time for our rehearsals as well as shows and competitions. Our practice sessions used to start from about 5 to 7 days before the expected show, and it used to be from 10 pm to arond 3 am. I would like to comment on some of the shows we did, the events as well as some funny moments
FULL THROTTLE The history speaks
B-zone 1998
To quote Moosa’s Words: “The only flop show we ever did”.
Surabhi- Staff Students night 5th July 2000
One of our best performances to date, we brought the house down—with Bimal & Annan’s “Guitar Duel”.
We Introduced “Black Masquerade” for the 1st time.
Saab missed all the fun- Joseph filled in for him
Mathrubhumi Kalotsavam
Mathrubhumi made us!!!! We became the hottest self-made college Rockband in Kerala & “Seven Bridges Road” became our national anthem. But mostly we gave REC, Providence, Bennett, & Aswin terrible nightmares!
· MB Kalotsavam 2000 at Gulfar, Kochi on Nov 28 & 29, 1999
We entered the regionals half heartedly. Imagine the surprise when we turned out winners. However, we were only runners up in the finals at Kochi. Our “magic” was well accepted by the crowd. Mathrubhumi people were very much impressed.
· MB Kalotsavam 2001 (Regionals: Oct 28, 2000, Finals: Dec 1,2,3,2000 at Kollam)
Sallu left us.. Cecil & Sona joined the family .
We were ready for a battle this time.
”Scarborough Fair” & “Seven Bridges Road” made us winners at both Regionals & finals.
· MB Kalotsavam 2002 (Regionals: Nov 29, 2001Finals: Dec 14, 15,16,2001 at Kochi)
This Mathrubhumi saw us running around desperately to form a proper team. Finally Padmini, Vydehi, & Neelima joined. However final yr exam tension caught on & we emerged runners up in the regionals. Provi were the winners in the regionals. Initially we had planned not to go for the finals as our exams were approaching. But the victory of Provi’s over us in the regionals made us desperate like anything... So we changed our plans and made up for the loss by beating Provi in the finals. We turned out to be the winners. Provi’s were the runners up. {Finally they got something at the finals!!}. Bennett & Aswin were doing a rain dance all the time. A little bit of that paid off. They weren’t happy about Provi being runners up but probably they were relieved to have saved their face...
But the key event was getting one picture taken with Vasundhara Das at the closing ceremony!!!!
Mint 2000
Mint will always be remembered as Sunil’s an Sajna’s worst nightmare. He broke the sticks & then the drum skin during rehearsal. She sang a horror ‘sweet child’ (thus was born AxlCrow!). And in between the show we were asked to beat it to accommodate a fashion show in the prog list! What nerve!! You missed the mayhem, Chikku!
Mazzini 2000.Sep 29th
Mazzini was in fact a 41st batch picnic trip to Kuttippuram MES Engg College. REC struggled to maintain the competition against us in the rock show. To our dismay the judges {one of them was Aswin who had trained the REC band}showed pity & asked them to share the 1st place with us.
Ragam2001 Nov 4th 2001
REC’’s ultimate dream was to beat us on their campus… We turned the tables & bashed them
mercilessly on their campus. Such a simple victory.. Our range was from the great Scarborough Fair to Dreamtheater’s “Surrounded”. One Half hour performance beat their 45min parade by a mile!! Mathew got the best vocalist and Sunil came out to be the best drummer.. We had Bennett tearing his hair out!! This was also THE prog that boosted us to enter the Autumn Muse competition
The 1st national level competition we participated in! Sajna missed it... Laal was the best Keyboardist.. Saab was the best Bassist & Sunil got special mention as Drummer… Hey! We got 2nd !!! Our self Comp, made in just 2 days, also got special mention.. It was very much Funny and nice to see the judges finding it hard to follow the timing of the song.. It was even more funny to see their happiness when one of them finally got it !!!.. We really felt Proud... Pity.. no one remembers the notes, chords or the lyrics now as it wasn’t written anywhere else other than in our minds..
Euphoria- Nov 23, 24, 25 2000.
This was a Rock Festival for our college. The rock competition went down the drain in the rains on the inauguration day. But we made up for it with a live show in the auditorium... We also rocked the closing ceremony- the highlight being “Final count down crash” by Laal. It was also a Full throttle on stage and Full Bottle Of stage !!!
Live At Fortune
This was Booboo’s treat for getting a girlfriend! Though the rest of us opted for Hyson , Saab and Vatakara were adamant about “Fortune”( You know Why!) The two of them got high and insisted on singing... But we really surprised the Hotel’s “Boy Band”.
One Last Time –Feb 11th 2003
The last show we did as “Full Throttle”. It was a very emotional affair. Sunil flew to UK a few days later. We expected a catastrophic show considering the kind of practice sessions we had.. But it was a sell out..
Convocation 40th
It was a memorable show.. We also had guest artists from Guruvayurappan college based band – “Asthra”. It was the convocation of Booboo and Vatakara... Asthra will remember it their whole life as it was the first time their members were crushed by Osler and gang.. One of their member made a local comment on stage.. How dare they!!!
Convocation 41st
This was the show which put a full stop to the “ Full Throttle”. Sunil was replaced by Daya Shankar of Asthra. We had a decent show... Except for the one hour “Broken string festival” by Booboo... Sunil called in between the show from UK.. We really missed him... The whole show was dedicated to Our Great Drummer who was the fortitude of our Band.. It was also the convocating event of rest of the Full throttle.

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